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HOSOKAWA ALPINE is one of the leading international manufacturers in powder process technology for almost all industrial sectors and blown film technology. Development, testing, engineering, production and commissioning - everything from one source.

Food Division

A fund of experience in solving individual customer requirements and compliance with the highest safety and hygiene standards constitute the guarantee for our customers of the requisite process stability in the food and animal feed industries. Whether coarse crushing, fine or ultrafine grinding as well as classification - HOSOKAWA ALPINE offers tailored customer solutions on the sector of bulk materials handling for different applications and tonnages. State-of-the-art instruments and intelligent system control units permit maximum process reliability and versatility for our customers.

The enrichment of protein in a dry process by means of grinding and classifying is an environment-friendly and cost-efficient method. By means of perfectly coordinated machines, the proteins in wheat and pulses such as peas, broad beans, lupins, lentils and chick peas are enriched, and the proteins are separated from other components. The challenge is to achieve high values and thus the manufacture of cost-effective products with a high nutritional value.

By integrating upstream steps such as cracking open, shelling and cleaning, an ALPINE protein shifting system constitutes your complete process-technological solution for the production of protein-rich special flours. As an option, the further processing of the starch resulting from the process can be included in a downstream process.

To ensure the balanced and performance-based nutrition of livestock, fodder compositions are constantly being refined and improved. To this end, animal feed ingredients such as soya, peas, corn, minerals, vitamins, milk minerals and their constituents must be easy to process. High-tech systems comprising granulators, fine impact and classifier mills as well as high-performance classifiers from HOSOKAWA ALPINE make it possible to use these ingredients in a great variety of combinations. In addition, the process of protein shifting developed especially for pulses and grain makes it possible to enrich vegetable protein from pulses by means of grinding and classification.

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