Plant-based meat alternatives crowd U.S. grocery stores

 21.08.2019 12:27:11

(Reuters) - Plant-based meat alternatives have seen booming interest from consumers, prompting a growing number of companies to enter the space in hopes of carving out a spot for their products in the competitive supermarket aisle.


Making Protein From Thin Air? Yes, Startups Are Doing It

 22.07.2019 10:36:23

As the population sets to explode to about 10 billion people on the planet by 2050, many are concerned we're moving into a situation where we cannot produce enough of the essential nutrients to feed our populous using traditional agriculture. Some claim we've already exceeded the carrying capacity of the earth-or the maximum population size of a species the environment can sustain indefinitely.


Fast growth for insects for feed market

 22.07.2019 10:35:29

It is estimated that edible insects for animal feed market will reach US$ 267.9 million by the end of 2018 in terms of value, and is forecasted to reach US$ 2385.6 million by the end of 2029.


Microalgae: Suitable protein for cows

 22.07.2019 10:33:43

Recent studies with dairy cows have proven that there are no biological or physiological constraints to use microalgae as protein feeds in intensive milk production systems.


Russia: Ńonstruction complete at Unibio/Protelux commercial scale methane to protein plant

 15.09.2018 07:25:54

Two of the four U-Loop reactors visible during the Protelux construction process. Notice the size of the worker in the bottom of the picture.In Russia, Protelux completed the construction of its 6000 ton per year methane-to-proteins plant, based on Unibio technology. The parties are currently testing the plant and expect to commission it by late 2018.


07 September: Black Sea Grain and Oilseeds 2017/18

 27.07.2017 13:44:03

The XXIII International Conference "Black Sea Grain and Oilseeds 2017/18" will take place on September, 07 in the hotel "Azimut Moscow Olympic". The Russian Grain Union and the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies will host this oldest Russian grain conference. The conference is held under support of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.


New facilities for advanced soybean processing to be built in Russia

 26.06.2017 10:39:51

LLC Isolate is planning to construct a new soybean processing plant in the Lipetsk special economic zone. The amount of investment is estimated at RUB 3.3 Bl. The start of the active construction phase is scheduled for late summer. Land survey works have been completed to date, geological prospecting is under way now, as well as preparation for holding a contest among design agencies.


Fish, poultry and pig producers can now test novel gas to feed protein

 01.06.2017 12:34:48

California based biotechnology company, Calysta, says it has produced sufficient quantity of its novel protein, FeedKind, to be able to ship samples for testing worldwide.


US methane-to-protein facility takes step closer to production

 01.06.2017 12:33:10

NouriTech, along with lead investors Calysta and Cargill, broke ground on the new, 37-acre facility last week.


Russia reducing dependence on soybean meal imports

 01.06.2017 12:30:31

Growers in the Black Sea countries have been increasingly interested in soybean cultivation over the recent decade. Russia's agriculture follows the same trend. So, the soybean crop has more than quadrupled in this period, reaching a record 3.1 MMT in MY 2016/17.