Protein Production Launches in Major Latin American Aquafeed Hub

 11.12.2021 11:12:17

10 December 2021 - On December 1st, Ecuador's Bioconversión S.A. launched a plant making feed ingredients from black soldier fly larvae fed on food processing waste-a first for Latin America, according to Forbes Ecuador.

It is understood from other local reporting, including Ecuador Al Día 365 and Expreso, that the 2,700 square meter plant transforms 1.5 million tons of organic residue into 73,000 tons of insect protein per year, with organic fertilizer as a co-product.

Meanwhile, the CEO told Forbes that the company plans a second phase to double production in approximately two years.

The plant is located in Guayaquil, the largest port city in the country and a major hub for aquafeed production.